Getting Started

Download your FREE Photobook Software

Click on the download button to download your FREE bookmaking software for Mac or PC or alternatively pick up a software disc at your nearest Pics2Book representative store.
Click here to see list of stores

Choose your book size, orientation & type of cover

A custom cover is a personalised, printed cover (design your own cover with images and text)

When choosing the standard cover you can choose between a linen or leatherette finish in various colours
(the colour & finish choice only takes place in the ordering process)

A keyhole cover has a cutout on the front cover and the image on the first page is visible through it

Load the pictures for your book

Click the Add picture icon to individually
select images & load into your image
browser, to use for your book.
Click the Add folder icon select a whole
folder of images & load them into your image
browser, to use for your book.
Scan your old photos so that you can add them to your
book, or contact your nearest Pics2book
representative store to scan your images for you.

Add page layouts or make your own layouts by adding picture boxes

Click and drag these are pre-designed page layouts onto your pages. Once applied to a page, you can still rearrange the layout elements as you choose.

Make your own layouts by using the ‘Add picture box’ tool in the editing toolbar. You can save your page layouts by going to ‘file’ in the dropdown menu and selecting ‘save page as layout’.Your new layout will now be saved with the existing layouts.

Add your pictures to your layout

Click and drag images from your ‘Book Pictures’ into your image boxes to add to your layout.

Add backgrounds to your layouts

Click and drag existing backgrounds onto your page layout to add as a single or double page background
or drag your own images to use as backgrounds.

Add borders to your layout

Click and drag picture borders onto your layout to add to your images.

Add text to your layout

Add text to your layouts by using the ‘Add text box’ tool from the editing toolbar. Double click on
text boxes to add text or cut and paste text from documents into text boxes. Change the
font size,colour & font in the editing toolbar. The program uses the existing fonts loaded on
your computer.

Edit your layout with the editing tools

Save your book for printing (online upload option or bring to store)

When you are 100% sure that your Photobook is ready for printing and has no layout, grammar, text errors
or low-resolution images etc, click on ‘Send to Pics2book’. This will allow you to save a file for printing
which can only be opened by the printers so make sure to check the pdf proof when saving for printing.

You can choose to either save to removable media/CD and drop off at your closest Pics2book
representative store or you can choose the online upload option and pay online.

NB. Books ordered online will be delivered FREE of charge to you.